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Track Review: At Work // Kaylyn Marie

Dreams can influence our lives drastically and it was her mother’s dream that nudged Kaylyn Marie into the world of music. After relaying an odd dream that repeated “Kaylyn has long fingers; she should play guitar”, the US-based singer-songwriter picked up a guitar and, as they say, the rest is history. Performing for approximately 15 years, Kaylyn has a wealth of knowledge and experiences including successful cross-country tours, sold-out gigs, receiving a golden ticket on American Idol and featuring in Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Post’. Following a six-year hiatus, Kaylyn releases her much-anticipated single ‘At Work’.

Unlike her self-produced EP Where I Need, ‘At Work’ is a collaboration between singer Kaylyn Marie and producer Katie Buchanan. Beautifully layered, the melodic combination of powerful guitars and soothing vocals immediately place you in a swirl of sound. The thing is, while the harmonic elements create a comfortable blanket, ‘At Work’ has a poignantly painful meaning pulling you to reality. It is this juxtaposition between languid and harsh that is very intriguing.

Touching on the issue of abusive relationships, ‘At Work’ explores uncertainty, love, isolation and inner turmoil. It is often the case that people in toxic relationships find themselves flitting from a need to leave and the desire to remain but, in the end, it is better to move on from something that is “not working”. It is this message Kaylyn attempts to get across in her new single. The track might have been penned in a few minutes, but it showcases her sophisticated depth and innovativeness.

Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, Kaylyn uses a personal narrative to bare her soul with the intimate confession. While the track is not acoustic in design, it has a barebones quality emphasising raw honesty and sentimentality. The lyricism is compelling with a degree of desperation, but Kaylyn’s rich vocals add warmth to ‘At Work’ with a lingering sincerity.

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