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Track Review: B4IDie // Trent-Jean

Bursting onto the scene with the well-received debut single ‘Manchester By The Sea‘, Australian Trent-Jean is, according to Around The Sound, “larger than life pop”. Creating a melting pot of eclectic melodies, Trent-Jean has featured on Unrecorded, Around The Sound and several online playlists and radio stations. Not only is this talented multi-instrumentalist receiving international coverage, but he was also awarded 2nd place in the Adult Album Alternative category of the 2020 Unsigned Only International Songwriting Competition. The sophomore single from the Perth-based act is ‘B4IDie’.

Moving from the classic rock meets jazz vibes of ‘Manchester By The Sea’, ‘B4IDie’ adopts an alternative rock stance. Filled with dynamic instrumentation, ‘B4IDie’ tosses you into the turbulent waters of a hard-hitting whirlpool. The pounding drums and infectious guitars are explosive, but they seem to create a harmonic cascade of music. Combine this with Trent-Jean’s hard-hitting vocals and you have a hypnotic earworm.

What I find most intriguing about ‘B4IDie’ is Trent-Jean’s ability to traverse several genres without any discomfort or distortion. The bold, rich vocals execute the compelling lyricism in a brash, brusque and “in your face” way. While the tone may seem painfully primal and aggressive, the lyrics have a lingering sense of optimism encouraging people “to take on their everyday battles with gusto and confidence”.

Singing about the essence of the human soul, Trent-Jean can freak you out with his music while retaining a soft, soothing sound. Boundary-breaking and anthemic, Trent-Jean shows he is not one to be pigeon-holed.

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