Track Review: Baby // Claudia Balla

Claudia Balla is very good at writing emotionally laden pop music. She is back with a brand new single, “baby” so let’s see what this has got.

The lyrics speak about the difficulties one endures in a relationship, which are relatable. But also it shows that despite the challenges, they have to stick together through the trials and tribulations. The twinkly piano is reminiscent of being in a dream, which works well with the melodic vocals. 

I think the lyrics in the chorus, “save me so you don’t have to blame me” are an important part of the song because it shows a desire for the protagonist to work closely with their partner. It’s a very mid tempo pop song, but it works well, and I like the personal touches that Balla includes. The singing evokes plenty of emotion. 

I think this is a good song, and it could see Claudia Balla experience big things in the future. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos 

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