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Track Review: Back Again // Lizard

Influenced by the likes of David Bowie, Franz Ferdinand, Flying Lotus and Snarky Puppy, UK-based Lizard brings an alternative rock slant to the UK jazz music scene. Classical jazz with sparks of contemporary jazz, the foursome’s sound is unique, eclectic and innovative. This is my introduction to Lizard, but their jazz-rock hybrid is already receiving praise from audiences across the globe. The latest addition to Lizard’s distinguished discography is ‘Back Again’.

Hot on the heels of their track ‘Innocence’, Lizard adopts a funk meets rock-inspired sound in ‘Back Again’. Nostalgic with a classic rock guitar and old-school horn section, Lizard takes me back to the toe-tapping sounds of yesteryear; however, the contemporary edginess of the arrangement highlights Lizard’s new sound wrapped in a classic sonic package. My favourite aspect of ‘Back Again’ is, potentially, the incorporation of soulful vocals amidst a mishmash of genre-defying instrumentation. The soulful vocal execution adds sexiness to an already sensual track.

Smooth, toe-tapping and filled with sensuality, ‘Back Again’ can have you grinning with a glazed look in your eye. Yet, the attraction is not mutual – at least not on a conceptual level. Touching on obsession and infatuation, Lizard explains that “this track is about someone being interested in you who you have no interest in and do not like. However, they don’t leave you alone despite your best efforts to avoid them or shut them down. Maybe you indulged them for a bit too long before giving them a hard no because it was fun? Maybe they’re just creepy? Either way, they’re back again for you and aren’t backing down…”

Recorded and produced by the band, with mastering done by Stephen Kerrison, ‘Back Again’ is the title track from their debut EP – to be released later this year. Oozing sentimentality and sincerity in a high-powered funky way, ‘Back Again’ is the most beautiful rejection song I have heard in a long time.

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