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Track Review: Backseat Driver // Weekend Punks

Merging elements of indie-pop and surf-pop, Weekend Punks bring a sunny but melancholic sound to the UK indie music scene. With only three tracks to their name (at least on Spotify), the UK-based group are relative newbies, but they are by no means unknown. Featured on Rising Artists Blog, The Other Side Reviews, Chalkpit Records, Roadie Music and BBC Introducing, the quartet is reaching audiences on an international level. One of their most recent singles is ‘Backseat Driver’.

Penned and recorded between Southampton, England, and Reykjavik, Iceland, ‘Backseat Driver’ is a languid, relaxed and soothing almost three-minute song. Paying tribute to the indie bands of the 90s, there is a reminiscence to Weezer combining pounding drums and dynamic guitars. Yet, while there is a strong surf-pop aspect to the melody, I hear a grunge quality in the melodic arrangement to the point where I can place Weekend Punks as part of the Seattle grunge scene. The thing is, while the tune is chilled and fun, it is the vocals and lyricism that really captures my attention.

Finding the balance between cheeky innocence and charming nostalgia, ‘Backseat Driver’ is a reflection of the light-heartedness of relationships. The lyric “there’s always something to laugh about” executed with female vocals adds a hint of girlish fun; however, this is not only a cheeky grin and wink. Oh no, there is nostalgic sentimentality and sincerity within the poetic track. Sophistication oozes forth despite the childishness of the single.

The vocals are unique but find the line between Courtney Love and Bjork. Bjork’s obscurity and whimsical tone are attended by the brash honesty of Love. It’s a truly enjoyable experience listening to this single as the execution is easy on the ears while tugging at your heartstrings. BBC Introducing’s Steph Nieuwenhuys commented that they love ‘Backseat Driver’ and hope listeners do too. I must say, I’m definitely feeling that loving vibe.

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