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Track Review: Bad Guy // Forgotten Garden

Inspired by the likes of iconic post-punk bands like The Cure, Joy Division and The Smiths, UK-based Forgotten Garden is an indie-rock band with gothic undertones. Already featured on Nexus Music Blog with their single ‘Jessica’, the group has already turned our heads; however, we are not the only one to sing their praises. Critics at The Other Side Reviews, Right Chord Music, Edgar Allan Poets, Angry Baby, Roadie Music and News Break (to name a few) also think their stuff is damn good. The latest addition to Forgotten Garden’s acclaimed discography is the single ‘Bad Guy’.

Following their track ‘Christmas Time’ in 2021, Forgotten Garden blasts into 2022 with the flowing song ‘Bad Guy’. Known for their unabashed exploration of complex, emotional themes, ‘Bad Guy’ tackles the cruelty of relationships and people’s need for control over themselves and others. Forgotten Garden explain that the track “tells the story of a rich, handsome and attractive man who underneath a suave exterior conceals a soul that finds its prime pleasure by breaking hearts…he draws in new victims with his magnetic charisma and attractiveness.”

While the theme is quite sinister and melancholic with poetic lyricism creating vivid imagery of the “bad guy”, it is the juxtaposition of callousness and soothing warmth that turns my head. Multi-instrumentalist Danny Elliot brings together organic and synthetic instrumentation in an intriguing arrangement. He appears to find the balance between these two textures while retaining a haunting, ethereal flow – executed well by vocalist Ines Rebelo. The ethereal nature of the vocals has a delicate presence making the song sad and heart-breaking, but also including a charming, soothing sentimentality.

So, what can I say about ‘Bad Guy’ and Forgotten Garden? A combination of alternative pop with post-punk undertones, ‘Bad Guy’ takes you along a sonic river rising and falling with the beat. Its honesty, genuineness and the richness of Ines’ vocals also add a heart-warming effect to keep you hypnotised.

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