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Track Review: Bad Luck // Laura Lang

When I first listened to Laura Lang, I was immediately struck by the sophistication of her music given her youth. With a maturity far beyond her 17 years, the US-based singer-songwriter elegantly weaves poetic lyricism with charming melodies. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Rising Artists Blog, Obscure Sound, Clout and Dusty Organ, Laura captured critics on a global scale with her music and she continues to do so. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Bad Luck’.

Following her single ‘Black Sedan’, Laura has been described as a passionate storyteller connecting with audiences on an intimate level. She continues this passion and intimacy with ‘Bad Luck’ – a song about experiencing toxic relationships. Laura explains that ‘Bad Luck’ is a “…fierce, sad song about falling in and out of relationships that are not good for me. I know I should not be in certain relationships for the right reasons, but I want to be in the relationship for all the wrong reasons…” – something to which most of us can relate.

Unlike ‘Black Sedan’, ‘Bad Luck’ has a stronger rock influence with powerful guitars and pounding drums merging in a hard-hitting arrangement. Interestingly enough, while there is a dynamic blast in her music, a sincerity is heard in the sentimental soundscape. Laura notes her influences as Lana Del Rey and Fiona Apple, and those influences can be heard in the new track. However, while a contemporary alternative rock lilt can be felt, Laura brings an old-school grunge vibe to the song ala Nirvana.

As with Nirvana and Fiona Apple, the mystical melodic instrumentation captures your soul and takes you on a beautiful journey. Surrounded by a hazy ambience, Laura Lang carries you through her tale of romance with superb grace and elegance. With a hint of vulnerability, ‘Bad Luck’ is a discussion of human fragility in the most delicate way. I mentioned sophistication, but in ‘Bad Luck’ Laura adds a dose of innocent naivety that makes Laura far more intriguing than many young artists today.

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