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Track Review: He Comes To Me With Trouble // Barry Locke

Influenced by a plethora of artists in different musical genres ranging from Ozzy Osbourne to Twisted Sister and Shania Twain, singer-songwriter Barry Locke combines these influential sounds to create genre-defying music. Beginning his pursuit as a solo artist several years ago – 2013 to be precise – Barry has built a reputation for engaging and energetic music. With his soulful voice and natural performing talent, the multi-instrumentalist is reaching a global audience with insightful lyricism over flowing melodies. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘He Comes To Me With Trouble’.

Hailing from Belfast, North Ireland, Barry has “band experience” as part of the collaborative project The Avenoir Project; however, it is his solo work that shows the more intimate side to Barry. Reminiscent of James Morrison and James Bay, ‘He Comes To Me With Trouble’ has a soothing melody with a tinge of melancholic wistfulness. Yet, he isn’t completely heart-wrenching as the track has a hint of Paolo Nutini’s cheekiness.

While I have made some comparisons this is merely a guideline to form an idea of what Barry sounds like, but it is by no means a complete description of his music. Sliding alongside the likes of these soulful crooners, Barry Locke places a distinctive stamp on everything he sings. His warm vocals harmonise with the flowing instrumentation resulting in an anthemic and infectious track. The melody may have you entranced, but it is the lyrical content that shows depth.

A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Barry touches on his relationship with Richard Sherwood discussing the sometimes taboo issue of same-sex partnerships. The rich vocals met by powerful instrumentation, particularly the piano, oozes vulnerability and fragility of the human spirit. Insightful and reflective, ‘He Comes To Me With Trouble’ has a sensation of sincerity and sentimentality that lingers long after the song ends.

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