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Track Review: Battle Wounds // Podge Lane

Described by Clunk Magazine as having a similarity to “his contemporaries such as Willie J Healey and Boy Azooga”, as well as a “retrospective element that is subtly Dylan-esque”, Podge Lane is a contemporary folk artist with an old soul. Hailing from Ireland, Podge Lane has dazzled audiences across the globe with his unique music. From his debut single ‘The Dark’ in 2018 to the single ‘Paradise’ in 2022, the singer-songwriter shows a mature melding of soft rock, country and indie-folk. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Battle Wounds’.

Hot off the heels of ‘Paradise’, Podge Lane shows an evolution in his musicality on ‘Battle Wounds’. While he retains his underlying indie-folk foundation, ‘Battle Wounds’ leans far more toward the old-school country genre. Capturing the essence of Nashville with the toe-tapping twangs, this new song can easily be placed alongside Billy Ray Cyrus on the jukebox. Yet, while the pop-infused country is prominent, a slight whimsy in the style of Willie Nelson weaves into the sonic tapestry.

One element I truly adore about ‘Battle Wounds’ is the “acoustic-ness” of the track. A minimalistic approach pushes the power of Podge Lane’s rich vocals, as well as adding a kaleidoscopic whimsy to the song. Of course, just as the song has melodic depth, Podge continues to insert his significant messages into the jovial tones. In the case of ‘Battle Wounds’ we are looking at the concept of being the shoulder to cry on. He explains that ‘Battle Wounds’ is “a song about those millions of times you’ve sat somewhere and someone empties every thought they’re having without asking anything about you. It’s poking fun at the idea that someone is always there for you when they never really are, and the fact that at any moment you could be doing that exact same thing…”

Sincere, sentimental and amusing, Podge Lane hits it out of that proverbial park with his new single ‘Battle Wounds’.

This artist was discovered on Musosoup #sustainablecurator

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