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Track Review: BEGDA // Patient Lounge

Bringing together elements of progressive rock, melodic metal, alternative rock and even some bluesy influences, Patient Lounge is innovative and eclectic in their style. Hailing from Australia, the Brisbane-based foursome have been making waves since 2019 with the release of their single ‘All You Want’. Over the past couple of years, Patient Lounge has gained a reputation for high-powered performances supporting acts like Haken, Wolfmother and Pop Evil. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘BEGDA’.

Following on from the softer alternative rock-inspired ‘Places’, ‘BEGDA’ reignites the progressive rock within all four members. Filled with pounding drums and powerful guitars, the single is a hard-hitting track from the outset. What I find interesting is how each instrument has a specific solo section giving everything prominence, but still coming together to form an infectious whole. I guess Aristotle was right when he said the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Lying somewhere between Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin, but with their own modern-day twist, Patient Lounge drags yesteryear’s rock into the 21st century. Layer throaty vocals atop the outstanding instrumentation and you have an infectious melody. Yet, while there is a rough brusqueness in the blunt lyricism, the heavy rock sound is smooth and flowing.

Made for live performances, ‘BEGDA’ is anthemic, loud and addictive. Beguiling in a way, Patient Lounge create a sonic representation of rock in its rawest form.

“‘BEGDA’ has been a real staple of our set for a long time… It just sets an awesome mood and makes a statement from the start that this isn’t going to be just any other rock show. We’re here to push our boundaries and, hopefully, those of the audience.” – Patient Lounge on ‘BEGDA’

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