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Track Review: Begin Again // Kada Miller

Merging the sounds of Lana Del Rey, Lorde and Lady Gaga, Kada Miller has a contemporary pop sound made for summertime playlists. Driven by a passion for telling stories, the talented songstress uses experiences to enlighten and inspire audiences regardless of their age. What I mean is most consider younger pop artists singing about inner turmoil to appeal to younger generations, but Kada proves that all wrong. She explores the fragility of the human soul and engages with people on all levels across the globe.

Despite her youth, Kada has an old soul and soothes the sting of reality with her music. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Scenestr, Triple J Unearthed and various online radio stations, this Australian beauty is turning heads on several continents. The latest addition to her growing discography is the single ‘Begin Again’.

Touching on issues of love and self-discovery, ‘Begin Again’ is three minutes of soft, smooth and harmonic catharsis. The acoustic-inspired design of this single is not only soothing but represents stripped-back empowerment. Produced by Ben Neal (who produced the previous single ‘Runaway’) and mixed and mastered by David Divby, ‘Begin Again’ shows music can be beautifully kaleidoscopic in emotion instead of with instrumentation. Kada explains that ‘Begin Again’ “has taken me full circle back to my roots as a singer-songwriter who writes and sings from the heart and shares from my soul to yours.”

While it is possible to “let the guitar go wild”, ‘Begin Again’ finds a balance between steady strumming and bold riffs when it comes to instrumentation. An ebb and flow can be heard throughout the song with crescendos leading to catchy choruses and verses being far more intimate. Yes, the swirl of sound is charming and evocative; however, it is Kada’s vocals that add intensity to the song. Her obscure lilt, almost a hushed alto, makes you sit up and pay attention…and I guess that is the purpose of storytelling, isn’t it?

Filled with rich tenderness, sincerity and honest sentimentality, ‘Begin Again’ is quite breath-taking in its quietness. Very easy to listen to, I would recommend this single to anyone. I can’t wait for new material from Kada Miller.

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