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Track Review: Behind // Kat Reinhert

Influenced by the likes of John Mayer, Sara Bareilles and Joni Mitchell, US-based Kat Reinhert creates music that is evocative and engaging. While this might be the first time I’ve heard of her, Kat has been releasing music since 2016 and featured on Rising Artists Blog, YMX, Our Sound Music and several playlists. Savannah Davanzo of Buzz Artist describes Kat as making “…music for the soul; classy, colourful and cosy.” I have to agree as I listen to the latest addition to her discography, ‘Behind’.

Many use music as a catharsis, but Kat Reinhert wants to inspire women with her tunes. She shares that “…I think many women struggle with showing our whole selves to the world. The music industry and even more so, society, so often tells us we’re supposed to be one thing, to follow one path.” In her soulful and soothing way, Kat aspires to connect with listeners on a deeper level and share personal struggles – something that is clearly evident in ‘Behind’.

Penned before the Covid-19 pandemic and remotely recorded in her bedroom, ‘Behind’ is an intimate look into Kat’s life and how she hopes to grow from experiences. When speaking about ‘Behind’ Kat explains that “…this song is a letter to my younger self telling her things I wish someone had shared with me; that it is okay to forge your own path and that in doing so your life will be filled with experiences and journeys that lead you to find joy.” Her soulful vocals send shivers down your spine as she pours out her vulnerabilities and insecurities in an exquisite package of fragility.

Acoustic-inspired, this folk meets pop track uses simplicity to convey intense emotion. The steady drumbeat builds a powerful foundation for the soft, soothing guitars and heartfelt vocals. Following her soul-influenced ‘Bird Song’, ‘Behind’ adopts a more upbeat and Joni Mitchell-esque sound showcasing Kat’s innovativeness and versatility. While there is a strong reminiscence to Ms Mitchell, Kat’s tender voice stands out as something distinctive and genre-defying. My one regret is that I didn’t know about Kat Reinhert before now. I cannot wait for more from this superb siren.

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