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Track Review: Bet I Will // Willdr

The solo project of singer-songwriter and producer William Andrew, Willdr blends elements of alternative rock, contemporary pop and country in a unique, distinctive sound. Beginning his musical endeavour in 2022, Willdr can be considered to have “newbie status” – a minnow in the sonic pool of fish. Yet, his sound is eclectic making him stand out in the crowd. Come with us as we delve into his single ‘Bet I Will’.

Released as one of the four singles making up his debut EP Hello, ‘Bet I Will’ is a classic rock song with tinges of folk-rock woven through the sonic tapestry. A nostalgic sound, the arrangement has the grittiness of 70s rock bands, but a contemporary edginess sprinkled on the surface. Described as a “hard-edge, distorted banger”, ‘Bet I Will’ is hard-hitting with almost grunge-like distortion; however, the instrumentation seems to flow in a harmonious, melody.

While the rock-inspired track can have you bopping your head in time to the beat, it also entrances you leaving you completely unable to do anything but enjoy the music. One of the most outstanding features of ‘Bet I Will’ is Willdr’s vocal execution. Bold and rich, his voice is soothing, but there is a gruffness which enhances a sense of grittiness in ‘Bet I Will’.

Inspired by childhood memories, Willdr’s music is personal, intimate and connects with listeners on a deeper level. Along with ‘King Now’, ‘Stars On Chains’ and ‘The Fire’, this US-based artist takes people on a journey that we won’t soon forget – in a good way.

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