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Track Review: Big Bad Wolf // Nobody’s Wolf Child

Carving a niche in the pop music scene, UK-based Nobody’s Wolf Child is not to be pigeon-holed. Infusing gothic avant-garde elements in an art-pop meets dark pop melody, the artist brings a unique and inimitable sound to the masses. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Sinusoidal Music, RGM, Less Than 1000 Followers and various playlists/radio stations, it is no wonder Nobody’s Wolf Child is building a loyal following – almost a cult following. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Big Bad Wolf’.

In an interview with RGM, the pack leader of Nobody’s Wolf Child stated that she is actually quite shy – a statement I find quite amusing considering the bold nature of the pack. Then again, you have to watch the quiet ones as they have the most attitude lurking beneath the humble surface. Working with various wolves, Nobody’s Wolf Child slither into your ear, rock about your cranium and leave you breathless with each release. ‘Big Bad Wolf’ is merely another of these cranium-rocking melodies sending shivers beneath your skin.

Following the track ‘Green Fires’, ‘Big Bad Wolf’ is the second song from a trilogy of work marking Nobody Wolf’s Child’s evolution to a darker sound. Far more “digital and harder than her previous records”, the new single replaces the soothing, skin-crawling strings of ‘Lost Among The Pines’ with bigger drums and electronic basslines creating a more aggressive melody. The use of electropop elements is rather different showcasing Nobody’s Wolf Child’s innovation as an artist, as well as reaching out to another direction and sonic plain of existence.

While there is a new blast of sound in ‘Big Bad Wolf’, Nobody’s Wolf Child retains the moving vocals she has become known for. Reminiscent of Amy Lee with a full, robust voice, but also with a slight melancholic vibe in her powerful tone, Nobody’s Wolf Child effortlessly intoxicates listeners.

A fan of her music, Nobody’s Wolf Child is on my personal playlist, and I’m intrigued to hear more experimental and eclectic music from the artist.

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