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Track Review: Big Wild World // Freya Alley

Freya Alley is a singer-songwriter from London. She takes influence from Robyn, fusing haunting vocals with an ethereal backdrop. Her brand new song, ‘Big Wild World’ possesses all these qualities.

The production on this song is outstanding. Cinematic strings combine with a captivating electronic drumbeat and the echo on Alley’s vocals work well with the vulnerable lyrics.  The song talks about how Alley wants to talk about her problems but fears that she could be judged: “I don’t need a ‘sorry’ / but can you not ignore me?” This works well with the piano because it brings her emotions to the forefront.

‘Big Wild World’ is a big statement from Freya Alley because it has relatable lyrics. It shows that she’s set for big things in 2021.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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