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Track Review: Billboard // Dan Pye

Influenced by the likes of Kevin Parker, Postal Service and Justin Vernon, multi-instrumentalist Dan Pye brings together elements of dream-pop and indie-rock in his unique sound. While Dan might have only begun his solo project in 2019, he has quite some experience as a performing supporting Maximo Par, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Half Moon Run, Dry The River and various others. An enthusiastic and passionate performer, the UK-based singer-songwriter is engaging; however, his new releases show there is passion in his singles as well as at his gigs. The debut release from this talented musician is ‘Billboard’.

Featured in YMX, Its All Indie and Tongue-Tied Mag, Dan Pye is turning heads across the blogosphere, and we’re here to add our feedback. While the mixing and mastering of ‘Billboard’ was completed by multi-gold album producer Joe Murphy, the single is self-recorded and self-produced. With an interesting melodic arrangement, Dan tips you into a swirl of sound with this kaleidoscopic tune. What I find intriguing is how there is an incorporation of both organic and electronic instruments identifying the balance between synthetic and natural.

Twinkling with an ethereal headiness to the song, ‘Billboard’ seems otherworldly connecting with listeners in a hazy ambience – particularly the outro leaving you with a tingly sensation on your skin. Dan shares that ‘Billboard’ is “…all about picking up all your broken pieces and putting them back together. Starting again and finding the will to continue against all your inner adversity.” This empowerment and optimism are clearly represented in the soothing, jovial melody.

Yes, the melody itself has a warm quality to promote positivity; however, it is Dan’s vocals that complete the single. A genuineness and hopefulness can be heard in the dulcet tones. Moreover, there is a strong connection with listeners as he delves into an intimate narrative in ‘Billboard’. The result of collaboration with songwriter Ali Ingle, ‘Billboard’ has a mystique about it filled with sentimentality and sincerity.

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