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Track Review: Black Cloud // The Chase

Merging elements of indie-rock and alternative rock with some fierce punk undertones, The Chase are a genre-defying quartet from the UK. Based in Nottingham, Tyler Heaney (vocals and guitar), Luke Childs (bass) and Luke Childs (bass) started making music before any of them reached the age of 13. Add Tyler and Dion’s school friend James Cahill on the keyboard and you have The Chase. Inspired by their roots in Nottingham, the lads lay engaging lyrics atop powerful melodies in their hard-hitting style. The latest addition to their critically acclaimed discography is ‘Black Cloud’.

An explosive assault on the senses from the get-go, The Chase layer pounding drums with dynamic guitars. Ruthlessly energetic and high-paced, ‘Black Cloud’ is an outstanding powerhouse of sound. You have those songs that take your breath away, but this track not only takes your breath away it takes every drop of air in your lungs and won’t let you go until they are done. Not only this, but they do it in such a melodic way you don’t notice how you aren’t actually breathing for two and a half minutes.

The aggressive guitars are the predominant element in ‘Black Cloud’, but the underlying keys add a funkier vibe to the blunt single. Catchy riffs and impressive solos prove the instrumental skill, but Tyler’s vocals add a more brutal dimension to the swirl of sound. With punk-rock savagery, Tyler elegantly executes brusque lyricism showcasing The Chase’s form of melodic organised chaos.

Insatiable and exciting, ‘Black Cloud’ will not place any black cloud over your day. Instead, it opens your eyes, bangs around your brain and leaves you dancing like a mad person only to let you drop from exhaustion once it ends.

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