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Track Review: Black Market // Azu Yeche

It is always great when you come across an artist who is unique and original. Azu Yeche is that artist. With his soulful voice and stripped-down arrangements, Azu doesn’t sound like anyone else out there. His new song ‘Black Market’ captures this energy perfectly, building on beautiful recent single ‘Sunrise.’

Azu has gained exposure from BBC 6 Music, recently returning from a sold-out UK tour. ‘Black Market ‘ shows an impeccable ear for melody, with a positive gospel-influenced sound. The guitars and the glockenspiel will inject happiness in your heart, while the vocals carry a strong presence.

The track talks about the shame that people feel for being themselves. The chorus is a positive fightback against supposed “normality.” “Life on the black market / don’t you tell me I’m wrong.” The delivery is executed to perfection with some beautiful harmonies. It is a song for anyone who struggles to fit in and will increase Azu’s reputation because he is a talent that deserves to be heard.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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