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Track Review: Bladderwrack // Gammon

What do Rage Against The Machine, Anti-Flag and Sex Pistols have in common? They all stood up and protested against the repellant and inhumane events in modern society. The latest to join their ranks is Bladderwrack – a punk-rock duo from South East London. Formed as a reaction to the repugnant sociopolitical situation in the UK, Bladderwrack uses each two-minute song as their anti-establishment commentary. The latest addition to this tirade is ‘Gammon’.

In my experience, gammon is a type of smoked meat you tend to eat as part of Christmas lunch; however, you take a closer look at its urban definition and the meaning changes completely. According to the Urban Dictionary, a gammon is a “particular type of Brexit-supporting, Europhobic voter whose meat-faced complexion suggests they are perilously close to a stroke.” Listening to Bladderwrack’s new single, the stroke may be closer than we think.

Already causing outrage amidst super-Tory Nigel Farage and his friends, ‘Gammon’ is a fiery, furious four minutes of outrage. Using a concoction of distorted guitars, brash vocals and dynamic drums, this single is a powerful and attention-grabbing track. What I find particularly interesting is how the steady, prominent drumbeat seems to “bang the message in” with each strike. Add the gruff spoken vocals atop that and you have something that is easy to listen to but notably annoyed.

Bladderwrack has also recorded a music video to further express their disdain for Brexit and its foreseeable, negative consequences. You can view the video below:

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