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Track Review: Bleeding Wounds // Of Shadows and Lights

Weaving elements of synthwave, alternative rock, pop-rock and orchestral sounds into a kaleidoscopic soundscape, Of Shadows and Lights is an eclectic act that you will not soon forget. The solo project of singer-songwriter Angelo Pitone, Of Shadows and Lights has been making a name for himself since 2018. In fact, our team at Nexus Music Blog are taking note of this obscure artist with reviews and adds to playlists. Featured on Indie Dock Music Blog, YMX, Rock It and various online radio stations, Angelo is turning heads on an international scale. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘Bleeding Wounds’.

Following his track ‘The End Of A Nightmare’, ‘Bleeding Wounds’ adopts a softer, more flowing sound as compared to its predecessor. The melodic arrangement takes you on a trip from fragility to deft strength through different instruments, genres and styles. Opening with a sensitive piano, you believe a mellow ballad will follow; however, Angelo shows his innovativeness by changing immediately to a harder, heavier alt-rock sound. What I find intriguing is how the underlying piano continues to point at sensitivity and delicacy in the increasingly heavier single.

Yes, the melody is all-consuming with the powerful movements and solos, but this is not what makes ‘Bleeding Wounds’ outstanding. The use of piano with synths has an eclectic effect as if Angelo is searching for the balance between organic and synthetic in this vampiric track. I say vampiric because Angelo uses the image of a vampire and his thoughts to convey the underlying pain and inner turmoil while still retaining a sense of awesome coolness. The gruff vocals make the song even cooler bringing a grittiness in their bold execution – gotta love a vampire.

Overall, I really enjoy this song from its light piano to the hard-hitting guitars. I cannot wait for more from Of Shadows and Lights.

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