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Track Review: Bloodtooth // Generation Spies

Combining elements of garage-rock, grunge and indie-rock with prominent synths, Bloodtooth is a genre-bending project led by vocalist, bassist and singer-songwriter Emily ‘Wolf” O. Despite being a relatively new band, Bloodtooth is by no means a guppie in the pool of piranha! Already receiving coverage from The Other Side Reviews and Eat This Metal, the project is building an international reputation for powerful tracks with engaging lyrics. The latest release to Bloodtooth’s repertoire is the single ‘Generation Spies’.

While officially a solo project, Emily O collaborates with the co-founding member, guitarist and producer Luke Parsons on her songs. Following the debut single ‘Just 17’, ‘Generation Spies’ is a gritty fusion of grunge and punk rock. Influenced by Blur, Nirvana and with high similarity to Garbage, ‘Generation Spies’ layers distorted guitars with pounding drums and underlying synths exposing the rawness beneath the rock surface.

While the powerful instrumentation is a sonic representation of the feelings of isolation and obsession in current society, it is the captivating lyricism that brings everything together. In her hushed almost haunting tone, Emily O brings to the fore brutal honesty and genuineness in ‘Generation Spies’. Yet, despite the coarse and brusque vocals, the track has a melodic component making it harmonic, intriguing and beguiling. It’s like looking at a shimmering people through a crack in the rocks – addictive and hypnotic. Ensnaring one’s senses it’s clear to see that Bloodtooth will have an incredibly fruitful career.

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