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Track Review: Bobby J // Body of a Dancer

Previously known as Blacker Than Gold, Bobby J is an exciting and intriguing artist from the North West of England. Melding elements of pop, rap, dance music and reggae, Bobby J embraces different genres to showcase his versatility. Originally performing as part of the hip-hop trio The Gar where he gained recognition on an international level, Bobby took time out to reflect on his life and regain direction. After a short hiatus, during which he joined the Royal Marines and pursued a career as a fitness instructor, Bobby J embarked on a solo project to express his life through music.

Following his well-received single ‘Alive & Free’, Bobby J releases his eclectic track ‘Body of a Dancer’. Upbeat and energetic from the outset, the track encapsulates the excitement of physical relationships. Inspired by two women – one whom he met in the Caribbean and the other on a cruise ship – ‘Body of a Dancer is a narrative of his emotions, experiences and personal observations.

Side note: the title ‘Body of a Dancer’ is apt because, well, Bobby J has always dated dancers and wanted to create a song about them. Why not, right?

Collaborating with producer Mantra and singer/dancer Flash Baker, ‘Body of a Dancer’ is a well-arranged track to capture people’s attention. Combining his bold vocals with dynamic beats and a chilled vibe, Bobby J takes on contemporary hip-hop and old-school reggae with an edgy, buoyant attitude. Truth be told, this will be an instant hit on any dancefloor and might just push some inspired strangers together.

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