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Track Review: Boodiyayay // Alex Spinney

Embracing his passion for music at a young age, singer-songwriter Alex Spinney has been developing his sound since the age of four (sort of). Imagine a tiny four-year-old begging you to let him take piano lessons – hard to reject, isn’t it? The result in this case is a UK-based multi-instrumentalist forging ahead with a genre-defying style. A relatively new artist in the UK music scene, Alex Spinney is still a minnow in an ocean; however, he has been making waves with the press. Featured on Rising Artists Blog, The Other Side Reviews, Spinex Music, Twisted Male Mag and various playlists, Alex Spinney is one to watch. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Boodiyayay’.

Following on from his debut track ‘I Remember’, ‘Boodiyayay’ is a fusion of indie-rock, folk-rock, blues and dustings of world music. Unlike his more pop-influenced debut, Alex showcases his innovativeness when it comes to merging genres. Instead of leaning toward a mesh of Ed Sheeran and Hozier, Alex demonstrates a sophistication beyond his young years in this composition. Yes, he does gravitate to the mainstream contemporary pop sound as an overall blanket; however, it is his obscure incorporation of urban arrangements that are attention-grabbing.

Beautifully crafted, the flowing melody combines unique instrumentation with rich textured vocals. Not only does Alex showcase his wide vocal range but allows the effect of an underlying choir to enhance his eclecticism as a composer. The insertion of a saxophone in the background heightens the blues/soul element of this intriguing single.

The melody is by far boundary-breaking, but it is the lyrical message that connects with people. Alex shares that ‘Boodiyayay’ is “a cathartic, revenge-filled anthem detailing the brutal end of a pretty rocky relationship which ended in a particularly cruel way…it’s a very earthy world of catharsis and revenge, almost as if one is cleansing oneself. Hopefully, the song takes people on this journey to find closure as it builds to its huge, powerful climax.”

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