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Track Review: Break My Heart // Jordan Jones

Inspired by the likes of Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Halsey and Ed Sheeran, singer-songwriter Jordan Jones is sharing his unique pop sound with the world. With his experience in bands ranging from blues to pop-rock, he has a large pool of musical knowledge from which to draw – this solo project is his self-expression. Featured on the likes of RGM, Sinusoidal Press, Rising Artists Blog and The Other Side Reviews, as well as performing at notable festivals, Jordan is reaching audiences across the globe. We take a gander at his debut single ‘Break My Heart’.

Recorded with producers Brad Simons, Randor Lin and Brandon Unis at Edmonton’s Velveteen Music, ‘Break My Heart’ is a pop-filled sensation of a track. Combining dynamic guitars, drums and synths, Jordan Jones incorporates contemporary pop into the old-school sound of the 80s. The interspersed guitar riffs casually lead into catchy choruses while contributing to an underlying blues style – an innovative design that makes Jordan stand out. Yet, while the mixture of genres placed in a subtle ballad is interesting, there are certain obscurities that make you stop and take a breath. Brief cessation of all music throughout the track adds both an edginess to the song but also enhances the message of the track, that being loss and self-reflection.

Inspired by the ending of a long-term relationship (10 years, in fact), ‘Break My Heart’ is the sonic representation of human fragility. The soft lyricism is eloquently executed with Jordan’s bold vocals. The odd thing is while the vocals are pointedly powerful and bold, the poetic lyrics add sensitivity to Jordan’s voice. Reminding me greatly of poignant Ed Sheeran songs, the personal narrative easily connects with listeners on various levels. It is this depth within an easy-listening, chilled-out tune that makes Jordan Jones spectacular. I can’t wait to hear more from this talented artist.

If you love his music as I do, be sure to follow him on Spotify and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming releases.  

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