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Track Review: Broken Melody // Vix 20

Inspired by anything from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin and Abba, Vix 20 is an innovative UK-based quartet with a boundary-breaking sound. Layering upbeat melodies with thought-provoking lyricism, Gary Mills (guitar and vocals), CJ (guitar and vocals), Kill (bass) and Rich (drums) have an international following with critically acclaimed work. Featured in The Other Side Reviews, FV Music Blog, RGM, Rockmuzine and The Totally Wired Show (to mention a few), the music veterans share their opinions of the music industry in a unique way. The latest addition to Vix 20’s discography is ‘Broken Melody’.

Noted as “beginning with power-pop and adding other elements along the way”, Vix 20 use several genres to create a kaleidoscopic soundscape with their music. ‘Broken Melody’ merges 70s rock with melodic metal and undertones of contemporary indie-rock. If The Beatles were to meet Bon Jovi and Linkin Park in a dark alley – this is what ‘Broken Melody’ sounds like.

While the track is an ebb and flow of heartfelt chords, ‘Broken Melody’ begins with melancholic instrumentation placing you in a turbulent swirl of sound. Crescendos lead into rock-influenced riffs, but the vocals add a charming jangly-pop design making the melody lighthearted before falling into a heavy-hitting chorus. While the tune is intoxicating showcasing the group’s eclecticism, it is the depth of content that adds an emotional overtone.

Using a stream-of-consciousness narrative, ‘Broken Melody’ is a compelling letter to the music industry as it stands. A sinister nostalgia can be felt in the melancholic lyricism, but the execution of the content has a lingering sense of optimism in the reflective despair. The rich, bold vocals remind me of Jon Bon Jovi mixed meets Peter Cetera with a modern-day edge. The song has a tumultuous nature, but the harmonic meeting of vocals, guitars and drums makes the brusqueness smooth and flowing. All in all, I love it!

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