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Track Review: Bronston // Nightmares

Intriguing, exciting and enthralling, Bronston is one of the more unique alternative rock bands to hit the UK. Citing their influences as Queens of the Stone Age and Foals, this Scottish trio is far more than their “fat sex guitar riffs and big vocal hooks”; they are a group that takes the norm, throws it out the window and brings in something completely original…completely Bronston.

Their second single in 2020, Bronston follows up their dissection of mental health in ‘Temples and Mines’ with the insightful ‘Nightmares’. Once again focusing on one’s being, the lads retain their strikingly honest content but include a slathering of optimism and empowerment in this new track.

Lyrically, ‘Nightmares’ delves into the issues of stereotypical archetypes in modern society pushing people to accept a cookiecutter existence to succeed. In this track, frontman Adam Campbell and his crew reject that presumption of adherence to social norms standing up and saying “this is me!”. It might be easy to say and far more difficult to do, but Bronston pushes self-empowerment in the powerful ‘Nightmares’.

“You might hate me because of the way I see things and the way that I do things. I don’t care. I’m not gonna bow to that shit. I’m my own man. No one is like me.” – Adam Campbell (vocals) on ‘Nightmares’

We spoke about the lyricism, but what about the melody? Incorporating elements of alternative and indie, Bronston create an edgy and emotional track sonically and lyrically. Dynamic guitar riffs meld seamlessly with Campbell’s bold and spirited vocals making it far too addictive for my own good. An anthem for the downhearted, disillusioned, frustrating and weary in contemporary society, Bronston stands up and calls for change in their extremely meaningful track ‘Nightmares’.

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