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Track Review: Brother // Leo Kelly-Gee

Hailing from London, Leo Kelly-Gee is one of the brightest stars emerging on the UK indie music scene. Embracing music early in life, Leo was making music during his teenage years and released his well-received debut album Under A Blue Sky in 2016. Inspired by, and in some cases reminiscent of, John Mayer, George Ezra, Charlie Puth and Paul Simon, the singer-songwriter is forming a unique sound. Think blues meets indie-rock with contemporary pop undertones and you might have an idea of what comes out of Leo’s guitar.

While Leo may be a newbie on the scene, he is building a reputation for engaging performs with intricate melodies. In 2020 he was a semi-finalist in the Isle of Wight Festivals ‘New Blood’ competition and from there has performed many gigs across London. Featured on Rising Artists Blog, The Other Side Reviews, Edgar Allan Poets and several playlists, Mr Kelly-Gee is reaching a global audience. The latest addition to his repertoire is ‘Brother’.

Following his sophomore single ‘Free’, ‘Brother’ adopts a softer, more soothing and heartfelt guitar-driven style. Showcasing his skills with a guitar, the track combines charming instrumentation with smooth vocals from Leo and Bethany Graves. As I mentioned, there is a reminiscence to John Mayer, but there is an unmistakable sincerity in his sound that transcends even Mayer’s melodic sentimentality. What I find most interesting is how the melody and harmonies perfectly represent the emotional lyrical content.

Written shortly after leaving home for the first time, ‘Brother’ has both melancholic and jovial qualities. Reflecting on his childhood and relationship with his younger brother, the acoustic-inspired song showcases his nostalgic fondness. Leo shares that “…the song explores the touching, sometimes strained, but ultimately loving relationship between an older and younger sibling and the shared experiences growing up.” As an older sister, I can fully understand the tenderness behind this track and how it allows smile-inducing memories to flow freely in your brain. I can’t really get enough of it and can’t wait for more from Leo.

In addition to the radio version of ‘Brother’, Leo Kelly-Gee performed an acoustic version. You can view it in the video below:

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