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Track Review: Brunch At The End Of The World // The Qwarks

Already a regular group on Nexus Music Blog, The Qwarks have kept us entertained through 2022 and now they’re back to give us more. With a reputation for enthusiastic and engaging performances, Phil Johnstone (vocals and guitar), Simon Young (bass) and Nick Flowers (drums) are garnering a loyal following both in and far beyond their UK borders. Features on The Other Side Reviews, Rock Era Magazine, Less Than 1000 Followers, Red Rock Magazine, TJPL News, and Music For All (to name but a few) see The Qwarks turning heads and receiving critical acclaim. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Brunch At The End Of The World’.

Ending 2022 on a triumphant note with ‘Nice While It Lasted’, the trio knock us between the eyes with ‘Brunch At The End Of The World’. The first of several singles to be released throughout 2023, The Qwarks takes us back to the post-punk meets indie rock in a psychedelic swirl that is ‘Brunch At The End Of The World’. Filled with a kaleidoscopic haze, The Qwarks send lights flitting before your face with the single’s intoxicating melody. One element I find intriguing is the incorporation of a “tinny” speech giving off a robotic-like distortion before flowing into a soothing, mellifluous harmonic melody.

The easiest way to describe ‘Brunch At The End Of The World’ is like experiencing a sonic acid trip, becoming lost in a sublime multi-coloured plane of being. Yet, just as the melody is otherworldly and soul-stirring, the quirky lyricism has another dose of odd sentiment. Tackling the topic of brunch, The Qwarks explain that “brunch is a dominant yet under-scrutinised phenomenon of our times. Unlike the more clear functions and demarcations of breakfast, lunch and dinner, brunch raises as many questions as it presents answers…however, brunch is a lifestyle; it is in the realms of the symbolic…a central point of coordination in the cultural zeitgeist…”; hence, the song with a dose of social commentary and satire.

In addition to the single, The Qwarks released an official music video for ‘Brunch At The End Of The World’ directed by Stuart Macleod and featuring the puppetry of the Valdimire Puppet Theatre. You can view the video below:

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