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Track Review: Bumfuzzle // Juniper Avenue

Formed by high school friends Luke Baker (guitar, vocals), Graham Levy (lead guitar), Cody Everest (bass) and Jeremy Adinolfi (drums), Juniper Avenue is an undefinable source of “fresh yet strange” sound. Drawing together their diverse influences and musical preferences, the lads are inspired by jazz, funk, punk, metal, indie, and a ton of other genres. It’s clear to see Juniper Avenue appreciates all aspects of music but they have their own unique sound that is boundary-breaking. The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Bumfuzzle’.

Following their 2021 single ‘Disfunction’, ‘Bumfuzzle’ is Juniper Avenue’s upbeat, jovial single wrapped in a bubble-gum pink sonic package. Pounding drums meld with forceful guitars, interspersed piano and Luke’s rich vocals to create a harmonic track. The thing is, while there is a strong harmony between all elements, each is given prominence showcasing the individual members’ personalities. I particularly enjoy the funk-inspired piano as it adds some Buddy Holly meets The Beatles vibes into ‘Bumfuzzle’. Describing the track as “wild and abstract”, there is a certain frenzy and chaos to the melody; however, everything comes together in an organised sort of chaos.

Inspired by world events in an uncertain, chaotic reality, Juniper Avenue explains that the single is not really supposed to make sense. They share that ‘Bumfuzzle’ is a type of “fever dream, therefore the lyrics are meant to describe a state of unbalanced equilibrium; spontaneous and random thoughts one after another…” Well, this is certainly evident as the lyricism and sound take you on a rollercoaster journey rising and falling to the frantic tune. It might sound crazy, but the truth is you’ll love every second even if you aren’t that fond of sonic rollercoasters.

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