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Track Review: Burn It Down // Red Letter

Teaming up with legendary frontman Shawn Spann from I, The Breather, US-based Red Letter talk about pain, turmoil and ultimate hope in their single ‘Burn It Down’. Described as “the undisputed kings of the Buffalo, NY metalcore scene”, Red Letter is a five-piece rock band connecting with the masses. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Insane Blog, Our Sound Music, Rock Is Fest and various playlists, the lads are turning heads on an international level. Hell, they are performing with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus at the end of July. Before that, let’s take a look (or rather a listen) to ‘Burn It Down’.

Following their single ‘Ghost Chant’, ‘Burn It Down’ retains the hardcore metal heaviness of Red Letter, but flirts with melodic metal with Spann’s rich, bold vocals. Hard-hitting from the beginning, I can easily see people headbanging and pushing against each other in a moshpit when listening to ‘Burn It Down’ – this is particularly enhanced by the melding of metalcore screams and chest-pumping instrumentation. Yet, while the single is not for the faint-hearted, the interplay between bold thrashing vocals and smoother, richer vocals adds a unique slant to the track.

Thrashing and breath-taking (seriously breath-taking), ‘Burn It Down’ can knock the socks off anyone who dares listen to it. The thing is, while the outer melody has a brutal rawness, the lyrical theme shows a softer sonic underbelly touching on pain, turmoil and positive empowerment. Lead singer Nick explains that “at the end of the day, we are alone with our thoughts and if they are heavy those are the moments to be reminded that you have the strength to hold them. Nobody wants to feel broken, alone or hopeless, sometimes it just happens. Somewhere in the ashes within is a spark ready to ignite your life again, sometimes you just need to rebuild the flame and make it burn brighter next time.”

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