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Track Review: Burned Alive // Pablo Iranzo

Blending elements of rock, pop and electronica, German singer-songwriter Pablo Iranzo effortlessly draws you into his cinematic soundscape. I’m not sure whether Pablo’s style can be defined as “art-pop” but for all intents and purposes, we’re placing him in that abstract genre. Reminiscent of Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Garbage and Marilyn Manson, the artist is gothic with a tinge of melodic metal in the mix. Featured on various publications including Sinusoidal Music, The Other Side Reviews, Headbangers News and various online radio stations, this artist is building a following on an international scale. The latest addition to his well-received discography is ‘Burned Alive’.

Following his popular track ‘Antidote’, Pablo shows that simplicity is beautiful. The steady and soothing melodic arrangement gives off the air of “not too many bells and whistles”, yet there is the incorporation of catchy guitar riffs showcasing Pablo’s versatile approach. What I find intriguing about the track is how he carries you atop a tumultuous river of sound knowing what intense sentimentality lies beneath.

One of the lead singles from Pablo’s upcoming full-length album this is a rather significant tune for all involved. Not only is it a prominent track but is also the second song the singer-songwriter has written. Yes, that’s right, you can feel and hear the vulnerability and fragility in ‘Burned Alive’ – even if it has been re-imagined and re-recorded with Andrei Sora. We hear another breakup song with an impassioned potency stemming from poignant experiences. It’s this sensitivity that engages with listeners on a deeper level. Moreover, the different remixes of ‘Burned Alive’ keep it “fresh, fun and full of surprises” – who couldn’t love that! Below is a video of the ‘Burned Alive (Aura Shred Remix)’.

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