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Track Review: Burned // Craig Gould

Drawing together elements of indie-folk, country and folk-rock into a package of Americana, Craig Gould has a unique, heart-warming sound. Yet, while there is a certain sense of folk in his music, the evolution of his style shows there is much more to this naturally talented artist. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, YMX, Rising Artists Music Blog, Sinusoidal Music and Three Chords Country, Craig is reaching audiences on an international level. While I only came across three of his songs on Spotify, I can understand the critical acclaim. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Burned’.

When I am told something is an anthemic summer banger, I think of those tracks that burst out of the speaker at a festival – ‘Burned’ is one of these songs. Following the 2021 track ‘Captain of the Seas’, ‘Burned’ has a toe-tapping, upbeat and jovial sound. The combination of dynamic guitars, an upright bass, and pounding drums creates a melodic foundation on which Craig’s vocals add a true “get up and dance” feeling.

Yet, while the melody can hold its own, the well-layered arrangement is ever-changing making it an interesting listen. Movements from upbeat all-instrumental jamming to vocals-only sections make the song intense, intimate and intriguing.

Described as a song that represents Craig’s revered storytelling narratives, ‘Burned’ is a “thumping, ripping, singalong tale that could be the drinking anthem of the summer.” Easily putting a grin on your face from the first second, this authentic single is guaranteed to have you grooving. Inspiring fun and laughs ‘Burned’ is both laidback and crazy fun – the perfect song for a summer night you’ll never forget.

A quick side note: using music as a catharsis for mental health, Craig Gould pours his soul into his uplifting tunes. ‘Burned’ sees Craig collaborating with the UK mental health charity CALM donating all of the profits from his single to help fund the project.

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