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Track Review: Bvrden // Dangerous

If Thrice and The Fratellis were to have a lovechild, but it was adopted by Oasis, the chances are Bvrden would be it. Founded in Rome, Italy, by two long-time friends, the pop-rock duo combines heartfelt lyricism with impassioned melodies. While they were only formed in 2020, Bvrden has already featured in notable publications like RGM, The Other Side Reviews and FV Music Blog. The debut single from this group is ‘Dangerous’.

Based in London, UK, Bvrden is a small fish in a large pond, but their engaging sound is a sign that they won’t be the guppie for too long. Inspired by personal experiences, the duo embraces all the fundamental joys and challenges in life. ‘Dangerous’, in particular, touches on elements of inner conflict, isolation, loss and the consequences thereof.

Written as a narrative of a man’s life who lost his faith falling into a mire of misery, the duo can connect with listeners on a deeper and more profound level. While the protagonist’s integrity was ruined and the melody seems dark, Bvrden injects an element of hopefulness and optimism to overcome the situation. The answer is music – to express the hurtful feelings and “let them go”. This is where Bvrden meets their audience.

A punchy track reminiscent of Maroon 5, Fall Out Boy and Green Day, Bvrden combines dynamic instrumentation with husky vocals to illustrate the track’s meaning. While some may not consider the short, brusque approach as flowing, Bvrden finds the delicate balance between aggressive and melodic in ‘Dangerous’. Showcasing their originality and uniqueness, Bvrden captivates one with their compelling sound. I look forward to their future work and evolution as a band.

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