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Track Review: Ffried Potss // Byink

The solo act of US-based singer-songwriter Ethan Cox, Byink combines elements of blues-rock with soulful vocals. Formed in late-2020, Byink is relatively new to the scene; however, he is already gaining a reputation for heartfelt lyricism over engaging melodies. Inspired by the likes of Eric Clapton and the blues-rock sounds of the 1970s, Byink has a soothing old-school sound. May we introduce you to Cox with his debut single ‘Ffried Potss’.

Recorded in his home studio, also known as Cox’s bedroom, ‘Ffried Potss’ is the result of an online collaboration between Byink and Russell Carter from Unknown Sound Recording. A guitar-driven track with steady drumming and underlying keyboards, Byink creates a smooth kaleidoscopic soundscape in which you can lose yourself. While there are several elements, along with the rich vocals, the melody remains quite simplistic paying attention to Eric Clapton meets Jimi Hendrix guitar solos.

“The song has a pretty loose meaning. I would say that it starts about the feeling of not fitting in and having serious social anxiety and being scared of nothing often, but it later evolves to the feeling of being relaxed alone and at peace, which is a drastic change…” – Ethan Cox on ‘Ffried Potss’

Although ‘Ffried Potss’ does present a soothing ambience, the lyrical content showcases the depth of content. Touching on feelings of isolation, exclusion, anxiety and fear, the single touches base with many people in modern society. What I truly enjoy is how the robustness of Byink’s dulcet tones emphasise the poignancy and aloofness of the overall theme.

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