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Track Review: Calon // Familiar

When translated into Welsh, the word ‘calon’ literally means ‘heart’. Why do I share this random piece of information? Well, it’s because the word is so suitable for Welsh singer-songwriter Calon as he writes from the heart. Also known as Adam Lewis, Calon is originally from Swansea and has been indulging in the music industry for over a decade – 16 years as a guitarist and 7 years as a songwriter.

The primary theme revolving around Calon’s music is how music can be therapeutic – a catharsis if you will. Touching on elements of disillusion and existentialism, but aiming for an optimistic overcoming of these issues, Calon mentions that his songs “champion the struggles of the individual and how they move beyond them to become better people”. The latest addition to his repertoire is ‘Familiar’.

“‘Familiar’ is a love song for people who haven’t found love yet. It’s about taking a chance and being optimistic. It has a laidback jazzy sound, but an upbeat message and hopefully something the average person can relate to. We all take chances and this song helps to reinforce that.” – Calon on ‘Familiar’

Inspired by Johnny Marr, Jeff Buckley and Suede, Calon shares a chilled, soothing and toe-tapping vibe in ‘Familiar’. The combination of acoustic guitar with Calon’s bold and warm vocals creates a comfortable ambience with a chink of sincerity. While the instrumentation on its own can be captivating, it is the simplicity of both vocals and guitar that makes the track genuine, caring and moving.

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