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Track Review: Camouflage // LATO

Mature, sophisticated and evocative, trio LATO was borne of a long underground musical experience. Known for their powerful and enigmatic melodies, the group draw together elements of various genres including rock and electronica. This is my introduction to LATO; however, they are already receiving acclaim from blogs like Sinusoidal Music, Send Me Your Ears, Thoughts Words Action and Punk Rocker (to name a few). The latest addition to their discography is the single ‘Camouflage’.

On the heels of their single ‘Machine Head Warning’, LATO adopt an obscure sound in their song ‘Camouflage’. While the lads retain a heavier rock-inspired tone in their music, ‘Camouflage’ seems to have a softer undertone to the melody – but it really does remain hard-hitting rock. Lying somewhere between classic and hard rock, the pounding drums meld effortlessly with the guitar building into a powerful, bold tune. Add the gruff vocal execution and you have something to blast from the speakers at full volume.

Gritty and raw, there is an almost palpable grunge to LATO’s ‘Camouflage’. Perhaps it is the heaviness of the arrangement or the “in your face” attitude, but this rock tune slithers into your brain, rattles about for a while and then leaves you completely breathless. Interestingly enough, while there is a modern-day edginess to the song, ‘Camouflage’ has a nostalgic tinge of the 1960s and 1970s rock – familiar but also with a degree of contemporary freshness.

Bold, brash and filled with intoxicating rock and roll, LATO knocked my socks off with their new single ‘Camouflage’.

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