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Track Review: Castles in the Sand // Freya Alley

Freya Alley has a massive voice. Her brand new song, ‘Castles in the Sand’’ is described as being similar to James Bond, so before hearing the song, I thought it could be pretty epic and bombastic. Her song “Anymore” has, at the time of writing, over 150k streams, which are quite big numbers! So no pressure then! Let’s dive into it!

Well, the track certainly is versatile. It has massive strings and a twinkling piano coming from the right earphone. The vocals could fit a Bond theme, while the lyrics talk of a dying love fading like castles in the sand being washed away. I did not expect the rap section, though, it shows that she’s willing to try new things. It could be the point of view of the protagonist’s lover, which completes the narrative of the story. So I respect what she’s done here.

I think the chorus is great too, and the fact the song is in a minor key adds to the sadness. It is a worthy effort, and I am sure it is going to be another big hitter.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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