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Track Review: Cat Lines // Let ‘Em Talk

Upbeat, inspirational and engaging – this is the best description for American violinist and singer-songwriter Cat Lines. Having shared the stage with Skeeter Creek, Jessica Lynn and Andy Grammar as part of her band Raquel & The Wildflowers, Cat has already made some waves in the Texas music scene; however, she is spreading her wings a little further by embracing a solo music project. The debut single from this newbie on the scene is the country-pop single ‘Let ‘Em Talk’.

“’Let ‘Em Talk’ serves as a reminder that, though we all fall short and experience roadblocks sometimes, those who keep working hard and believing in themselves will be successful.” – Cat Lines on ‘Let ‘Me Talk’

Touching on the issues of self-belief, perseverance, tolerance and dedication, ‘Let ‘Em Talk’ is a representation of optimism in 21st-century society. Inspired by the work of Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, The Police and Sting, Cat Lines combines old-school country with contemporary folk wrapped up in a commercial pop package.

While this Taylor Swift-esque single may seem a little stereotypical from the offset, it is nothing short of authentic and unique. Cat’s bold, passionate and buoyant vocals enhance the concept of positivity throughout the song. Moreover, the incorporation of the violin in this feel-good track adds a sophisticated charm to the catchy single. Only one track in and I am completely addicted; I can’t wait to see what else Cat Lines has for us!

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