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Track Review: Catalina Skies // HEY

The short version: Catalina Skies is London-based indie-pop trio inspired by artists such as The Strokes, Enter Shikari and Foo Fighters. Formed in 2016 (or that’s when they released their first single on Spotify), Craig Surace (lead vocals and guitar), Chris Macmorland (backing vocals and guitar) and Sean Hanrahan (drums) came together to develop their edgy style of 21st-century indie-pop.

The long version: The idea to form Catalina Skies began when Chris Macmorland met Craig Surace during a work-drinks gathering. Immediately they began debating about the greatest song lyrics ever written to which one claimed it was Australian band Muscles with their single ‘Ice Cream’. We’re not going to divulge who said that. Despite the drunken argument, the lads discovered a joint love for music’s narrative power and decided to set up a jam session. As time past, Sean joined them as a drummer and, hence, Catalina Skies was born.

It does not matter which intro you prefer, the fact is that Catalina Skies came to be and are making a mark on the UK indie-pop scene with their edgy sound and catchy lyrics. The latest addition to their repertoire is ‘HEY’.

Known for their enchanting sound with compelling lyrics, the lads use a narrative to tell a story and share experiences. ‘HEY’ is a tale of desire, lust and passion between two people meeting at the “wrong time”. Fusing indie-rock with surf-pop and some heavy guitar riffs near the end, ‘HEY’ is another example of Catalina Skies’ enchanting melody. Include Craig’s bold and effortless vocals to complement the instrumentation, you have just under three minutes of spellbinding music.

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