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Track Review: Caught In The Middle // India and the Jones

While they had known each other for a while, singer-songwriter India Jordan and songwriter-producer Projay developed soul duo India and the Jones in 2017. Having met in 2014, they were already well-suited and honing a sound unlike any other. With notable separate careers, India and Projay had independent pursuits but they began catching people’s attention as Indie and the Jones featuring on The Other Side Reviews, York Calling and Less Than 1000 Followers. We introduce you to this US-based duo with their latest single ‘Caught In The Middle’.

A sonic representation of soul through the ages, ‘Caught In The Middle’ contains hints of Sade, Whitney Houston, Billie-Jean King, Christina Aguilera and Amy Winehouse. Recorded with engineer Bill Malina, the track is beautifully arranged focusing on individual elements but bringing them together in a sexy whole. Combining dynamic guitars, bass, drums and keys, ‘Caught In The Middle’ has an evocative melody; however, it is India’s rich vocals that enhance the poignancy and flow of the song.

A rather flowing, soothing and harmonic song, India and Projay toss you into a comfortable bubble of sound with ‘Caught In The Middle’ but there is more depth to the content. India Jordan explains that “living life as a black woman often means defying the world’s expectations and defining who you are…this song is like placing a flag in the earth wherever you are and claiming all of your ever-unfolding identity.”

Working with the concept of individualism and identity, India and the Jones approach an existential challenge that plagues most people in our current climate. Yet, the boldness of her warm vocals makes “finding and redefining who you are” simple and manageable – not a looming and overwhelming task. The lyricism is provocative and there is a hint of empowerment lingering in the emotive melody. All in all, I would happily be caught in the middle with ‘Caught In The Middle’. Cheesy pun, I know, but I had to get it in there.

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