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Track Review: Change // Nicky Phillips

With only a piano and her rich vocals, singer-songwriter Nicky Phillips reaches into your soul and delicately draws out all vulnerabilities. It takes great skill to bounce about in one’s head without being overwhelming, but the UK-based songstress slowly slides in until you aren’t able to forget her music. Despite having performed for years at various notable venues across North West England, it is only within the last year that Nicky began releasing original material. The latest addition to her well-received repertoire is the single ‘Change’.

After releasing music on Instagram, Nicky started communicating with producer Joel Schwartz which resulted in songs being recorded professionally. It began with her debut single ‘Echo’ but soon progressed into an EP to be released later this year. Similar to ‘Echo’, ‘Change’ holds an intense intimacy in its sound; however, it does seem to be the more evocative of the pair…at least in my opinion.

Touching on romantic relationships and their complexities, ‘Change’ dissects the wistful longing for a past lover in body, mind and soul. Nicky explains that “‘Change’ is about the thoughts and feelings that linger after someone leaves a relationship. Sometimes, rather than closing the door on that chapter of life, we choose to leave the door open just a little in case they change their mind and come back to us.” Using poignant lyricism to a heartfelt melody, Nicky shares her thoughts in a rich, bold and warm way.

Not only is the lyricism moving but the track’s arrangement coincides with the journey of love and loss detailed in the song. Starting as a simplistic ballad performed on a piano, the “plink plonk” captures the confusion of an ending relationship but not knowing where to go from there. Yet, as the song progresses, Nicky hits a crescendo incorporating guitars and drums showcasing her loneliness before ending in an anthemic final chorus.

The sonic representation of a hopeless romantic hellbent on the “one who got away”, ‘Change’ connects with listeners on various levels. Teetering on the cusp of childish innocence and a mature realisation of the lost relationship, Nicky abandons all pretences with her enchanting and addictive single.

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