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Track Review: Change Your Mind // Hybrid Kid

Drawing together elements of grunge, pop-rock and indie-rock, UK-based trio Hybrid Kid is bringing a new sound to the masses. With their reputation for engaging melodies and energetic performances, the lads have gained a loyal following. In fact, that following grows on a daily basis with their hard-hitting music streaming online. Featured in notable press like BBC 6Music, BBC Sussex, The Other Side Reviews, Clout, Roadie Music, RGM and many others, Hybrid Kids are reaching an international audience. The latest addition to their well-received discography is the single ‘Change Your Mind’.

Following their critically acclaimed single ‘Restless’, Hybrid Kid begins 2022 with ‘Change Your Mind’. Slightly softer and more flowing than the previous track, ‘Change Your Mind’ combines rich vocals, pounding drums and strong guitars in a smooth melody. From the opening, you are immediately tipped into a bubble of sound surrounded by soothing tones, and this continues until the end of the song.

Playing on Aristotle’s claim that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Hybrid Kid gives each instrument prominence but dissolves the elements into a beautifully cohesive whole. The kaleidoscopic nature of ‘Change Your Mind’ is intriguing, but what I find even more intriguing is how Danny (guitar and vocals), Tim (bass) and Fabio (drums) surround you with a sonic cushion that may just be one massive instrument.

Alright, so philosophical thoughts and metaphors aside, what do I really think of Hybrid Kid’s new single? Filled with sincerity, sentimentality and a heartfelt genuineness, it’s a work of art that won’t easily be forgotten.

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