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Track Review: Charlie Grant // Whatever Your Heart Desires

Originally from the UK, but now residing in Germany, Charlie Grant is a singer-songwriter melding together indie and folk in a unique way. While he is a talented artist himself, Grant began his music career as a freelance songwriter; however, the dream and desire to release his own music soon overcame working for others. Embracing original material as a solo artist, Grant pulled in a few favours from friends and studio owners to record insightful and intriguing songs. The latest single to his growing discography is ‘Whatever The Heart Desires’.

“‘Whatever Your Heart Desires’ started life as a guitar riff that I was messing around with and eventually took into a songwriting session with Claire-Ann Varley from the Berlin-based band Varley. We talked about how often artists are their own worst enemies and how a lack of self-esteem can hold many talented people back from ever sharing their gifts with the world. ‘Whatever Your Heart Desires’ is an ode to believing that amazing things are possible and daring to question your inner demons.” – Charlie Grant on ‘Whatever Your Heart Desires’

Recorded in Berlin with producer Joschka Bender and Claire-Ann Varley (both from the group Varley), ‘Whatever Your Heart Desires’ is a soothing guitar-driven single. Laidback and melodic, the stripped-back nature of the single exposes the sincerity and genuineness in many of Grant’s songs. The collaboration of Varley’s backing vocals only enhances Grant’s dulcet tones creating a moving, endearing and tender flowing of music. It might be a bit of a bad line but, in my opinion, ‘Whatever Your Heart Desires’ is exactly what my heart desires.

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