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Track Review: Blind // Charlotte Lansman

Combining the sentiments of soul with the smoothness of jazz, Charlotte Lansman is a UK singer-songwriter making her mark on the music scene. Despite having only begun her musical career in mid-2020, Charlotte has been featured on The Other Side Reviews, A&R Factory, Central Sauce, She Makes Music and Two Story Melody. Gaining a reputation for poignant lyrics over an engaging melody, this talented artist is destined for big things. The next step on her way to stardom is the new single ‘Blind’.

“Definitely my most personal as it talks about how I met the man that I hope to spend my life with many years ago. It’s a slightly different sound, but I wanted the exposed nature of the instrumentation to reflect the exposed nature of the words…” – Charlotte Lansman on ‘Blind’

Produced by Joe Rodwell, ‘Blind’ introduces listeners to the stripped-back, bare-bones side of Charlotte. Reminiscent of Norah Jones, but with a deeper, more soulful vocal performance, Charlotte brings an element of sincerity and sentimentality in the new single.

Perhaps it is because I am a fan of modern soul/jazz music, but I always enjoy Charlotte Lansman’s music. The way she combines simple instrumentation to match her soul-stirring vocals. The effortless way she twirls you around her little finger with basic guitar, horns and, well, her timeless voice. ‘Blind’ is just another infectious Charlotte Lansman track that hits all the buttons, keeps you tapping your toe and potentially shed a tear or two. I can’t wait for her new material!

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