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Track Review: Charlotte Lansman // Never Forget

Born in Bristol, but now based in London, Charlotte Lansman is a soulful songstress sharing her unique sound with the world. A very new artist on the scene, Lansman released her debut ‘Water’ in mid-2020 which was well-received on an international scale by Two Story Melody, The Other Side Reviews and A&R Factory (to name but a few). The latest addition to her growing repertoire is ‘Never Forget’.

“This song is in real contrast to my first single, keeping the overall warm sound but seriously upping the energy and the fierceness.” – Charlotte Lansman on ‘Never Forget’

Released only six weeks after ‘Water’, this new sophomore single is a little over three minutes of jazzy pop bliss. Discussing subjects like self-empowerment and self-belief, ‘Never Forget’ has a degree of poignancy that is only emphasised in Lansman’s haunting vocals. Simple instrumentation underlying bold and dynamic vocals, this single is definitely one not to be forgotten.

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