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Track Review: Checking In // Abi Mia

No stranger to Nexus Music Blog, Abi Mia is back with another banger of a tune. The singer-songwriter has had a great deal of success with her tracks ‘Here To Stay’, ‘Enough Is Enough’ and ‘Fly Your Way’, but it seems her following is growing with each of her songs. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Talk About Pop Music, Right Chord Music, YMX and several radio stations/playlists, the London-based artist is reaching audiences on a global level. With her engaging melodies and vulnerable lyricism, Abi Mia has an intimate and original sound. The latest addition to her discography is the single ‘Checking In’.

Following her well-received single ‘Make Myself Tall’ (read our review here), Abi Mia adopts a simplistic sound with the latest single ‘Checking In’. Merging elements of organic with synthetic, ‘Checking In’ is a combination of heartfelt piano, interspersed synths and Abi Mia’s soaring vocals. With a soothing smoothness, the track has an elegant flow immediately creating a hazy ambience. Yet, while the melody is haunting and infectious it is Abi Mia’s voice that adds a true vulnerability.

Drawing on her influences from Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera, her dulcet tones are not only endearing but spine-chilling. Reminiscent of Kelly Clarkson, but with soulful originality, Abi Mia’s dulcet tones sweep you off your feet. The power behind her languid vocals enhances the intensity of the track while retaining a delicate tone. It is this that makes Abi Mia’s music so heartfelt.

Using her personal experiences as inspiration, Abi Mia’s ‘Checking In’ was inspired by her Zoom chats with her 93-year-old grandfather during Covid-19 lockdowns. She notes that she “wrote it from the perspective of talking to him so it has an intimate, comforting feel to it…the message of the song is to check in with friends and family on a regular basis even if they seem okay”. With her engaging narrative, Abi Mia shares relatable vulnerability that seems to be touching most people in today’s climate.

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