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Track Review: Choose Me // Maggie Szabo

Reminiscent of Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Duo Lipa, singer-songwriter Maggie Szabo is a strong female sharing her message of empowerment. Featured in Stitched Sound, Elicit Magazine, Volatile Weekly, Girls & Women Magazine and several online radio stations, Maggie is building a following across the globe. Currently residing in the USA, the Canadian native brings a powerful punch to contemporary hip-hop and pop. The latest addition to her repertoire is ‘Choose Me’.

With catchy choruses, dynamic instrumentation and infectious melodies, ‘Choose Me’ is filled with good summer vibes. I know it’s winter, but Maggie brings the sunshine through in this toe-tapping single. Adding her endearing vocals to the soothing combination of guitars, drums and synths, ‘Choose Me’ places you in a bright whirlpool of sound. Yet, while you are caught up in the kaleidoscopic swirl, Maggie’s voice acts as an anchor helping you elegantly traverse the soundscape.

Moving from lo-fi ambient tones in previous work, Maggie executes inspirational lyricism in the spirited song. Touching on elements of self-love, self-belief and empowerment, ‘Choose Me’ has depth but also a bubblegum pink joy about it. The track might be overwhelming considering the heightened crescendos and high-pace quality; however, there is a beauty in its buoyancy making you feel better about yourself. With a cheeky wink and whimsical wave of the hand, Maggie is definitely one to watch with her new release.

One more thing: Maggie released an official music video for ‘Choose Me’ which can be viewed here.

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