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Track Review: Chris McConville // The Arrow Of Time

After enjoying success as the drummer for the world-renowned indie group The Bishops, Chris McConville decided to spread his wings and move on. While The Bishops’ career brought notable experiences, such as performing with Oasis at Benicassim Festival, Chris decided to use this knowledge in a solo project giving him more control of the music created. While he only began releasing original material in 2020, this London-based Scot has received critical acclaim from Indie Central Music, The Other Side Reviews, Turtle Tempo and FV Music Blog. The latest addition to his growing repertoire is ‘The Arrow Of Time’.

Following his well-received single ‘Carefree’, ‘The Arrow Of Time’ adopts a more flowing melody to the upbeat but slightly distorted ‘Carefree’. A synth-driven track, Chris showcases his influence by 80s synth-pop and post-punk sounds; however, with a more contemporary electronic feel. Well-arranged and textured, ‘The Arrow Of Time’ creates a cinematic soundscape of hushed vocals with melodic instrumentation – as far as synths can be melodic.

Inspired by Professor Brain Cox’s television show Wonders of the Universe, ‘The Arrow Of Time’ is a psychedelic maze of haunting vocals and enchanting instrumentation. The first piano-led single from Chris, this track demonstrates his innovativeness as not only an indie/dream-pop artist but within the lo-fi genre as well.

Fusing elements of pop, rock and lo-fi, Chris can lull you into your comfort zone with a swirl of synths and hazy ambience. It’s like lying in a cool river with a warm breeze slowly bopping along with the waves – effortless and laidback without a care in the world. This is what Chris McConville constantly delivers and ‘The Arrow Of Time’ is no exception.

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