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Track Review: Listen To Your Mum // Chris Pidsley

In his latest single, singer-songwriter Chris Pidsley gives some of the best advice ever – listen to your mum! You might not know that she knows everything, but it often turns out you can avoid many mistakes if you only listened to her. Trust me, I know…and it seems Chris knows as well. But who is Chris Pidsley?

Hailing from the UK, Chris is a London-based multi-instrumentalist with the intimacy of Tom Odell and charm of Ed Sheeran. Building a reputation for insightful lyrics over soothing melodies, Chris has featured on BBC Introducing, The Other Side Reviews, The Bops Collective, Kiwis Listen and various online radio stations. The latest addition to his repertoire, as you might have already guessed, is ‘Listen To Your Mum’.

Penned, recorded and produced from his bedroom, Chris aims for an “all authentic” sound. Combining dynamic instrumentation with his cheery vocals, ‘Listen To Your Mum’ is a buoyant pop song with undertones of indie in the mix. Upbeat and inspiring with a guitar-driven melody, ‘Listen To Your Mum’ has an Ed Sheeran-esque sound; however, the incorporation of piano and trumpet (played by Ryan Bunce) showcases the versatility of Chris as an artist and songwriter.

“This song is about how your mum always loves to give an opinion on your love life. At first, you dismiss her thinking you know better but then at the end of the day you realise she was right all along and you were just blinded by infatuation.” – Chris Pidsley on ‘Listen To Your Mum’

While the track has a bounce to it with a summer-time ambience, the lyricism brings a deeper, more intimate side to the song. Reflective with a hint of nostalgic whimsy, ‘Listen To Your Mum’ is a soul-stirring, heart-warming tune. Despite the inclusion of several instruments, the track retains simplicity in its acoustic nature which contributes to the emotive lyricism. In fact, it may be the simplicity and personal narrative that makes the single so beautiful. All in all, I love it and will certainly listen to my mum.

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