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Track Review: Chronophobic // Kargyr

I’m unsure if this is a little-known term, but I certainly had not heard of chronophobia before coming across Kargyr’s ‘Chronophobic’. Chronophobia refers to a fear of time passing or losing time and singer-songwriter Kargyr reflects on this in his new single. But who is Kargyr? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Always a devoted “metalhead”, this France-based singer-songwriter draws together elements of melodic and death metal in his progressive metal style. Tinges of eastern influences can be heard here and there giving Kargyr a unique edge in his sound. He began embracing music in his teenage years and now, almost ten years later, he is sharing his natural talent with the world. One fun fact: he records all of his music in his girlfriend’s closet surrounded by six mattresses.

Now we have a vague idea of who Kargyr is, let’s take a gander at his music. His first album was recorded in 2009 with his previous band Open Fly, but in 2020 he began learning all he could about music to create a unique sound. With only one four-track EP in his discography, Kargyr may be considered a newbie on the scene; however, he is already reaching international audiences with his music. Featured on The Other Side Reviews, Pete’s Rock News and Views, and European Indie Music Network, Kargyr has been described as a versatile artist designed to ease your ears and make your head bang. This is highlighted in his single ‘Chronophobia’.

Showcasing innovation as an artist, ‘Chronophobia’ is filled with pounding drums, dynamic guitars and forceful vocal deliveries. While the track is aggressive in its hard-hitting dips and rises, there is a melodic harmony between the fiery metal and eastern swirls. Twisting and turning, the movement from death metal screams to soothing tones act as a journey of time. It is as if Kargyr is navigating life in a sonic whirlwind. What I find particularly intriguing about Kargyr’s new track is how effortlessly he transitions from heavy head-banging music to calmer, yet just as forceful sounds.

Raw, brutal, aggressive and blunt, but with an elegant sophistication, Kargyr transfixes listeners with his single ‘Chronophobic’. Like I said before, chronophobia is a fear of passing time; however, if I was forced to listen to Kargyr I think I’d enjoy every second of the passing time.

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